Guestwick and the First World War

Two Guestwick men died in spring 1917: Percival Gibbs on 15 March and George Pearce on 28 April. To remember them and the other Guestwick men who fought and died in France in the First World War a Guestwick Past weekend will be held on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April in St Peter’s, Guestwick, from 10 am – 4 pm.
Research is ongoing into these two men, their lives and war service and hopefully there will be lots of information to share in April.

Rogue traders in Reepham

Norfolk Police have received a report of an elderly resident in Reepham agreeing to pay for hedge trimming and then asked for £200 to clear away the clippings. The resident refused to pay this but agreed for a copper water tank to be taken away in exchange for their removal and only the tank has been taken.

Proposal for 44 new homes in Bawdeswell

The Bawdeswell Parish Council meeting on Monday 6 March will include a new planning application for 44 new homes on the land off Hall Road (Two Fields Way).
This is a 22% increase in the number of dwellings on the previous application and, if granted, could put an even greater burden on the village’s limited amenities, according to local residents.

Reepham Life grants for community projects

Reepham Life is inviting applications from voluntary organisations and community groups to help fund local projects.
Thanks to the generous support received from all our advertisers, publishers Reepham Community Press recorded a small profit in 2016.
Last year, we covered all our costs for printing and distribution, and we plan to make the publication bigger, better and even more widely circulated.
As we are a not-for-profit social enterprise, we will reinvest any profits we make into worthy community projects and good causes.

Danger in cemetery following Storm Doris

The storm of 23 February has left damage in Whitwell Road Cemetery, including on the left hand side facing away from the road, behind the central seat and on the edge of the cleared area.
Here a very large branch is hanging by a thread, and in the conifer tree behind another branch is lodged in the canopy. Therefore this area is extremely dangerous, particularly if the winds return.
Hazard tape has been put up, but this can blow away. Please avoid this area if at all possible until these matters can be dealt with.

Early bird tickets still available for Reepham Music Festival

There are only two more weekends left in the Reepham Music Festival early bird ticket sale: from 5 March the tickets go to full price.
“For those that have already bought tickets, thanks for your support,” said festival director Steve Jenkins. “If you haven’t got yours yet, take advantage of the lower prices before it’s too late.”
Early bird adult weekend tickets are £25 (full price £30).


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