MP Keith wins election battle of The Simpsons

At the general election on 8 June, Conservative candidate Keith Simpson was re-elected Member of Parliament for the Broadland constituency with 58% of the votes. He won with a decreased majority of 15,816 over nearest challenger, Labour’s Iain Simpson.

Keith Simpson

Broadland 2017 results

  1. Keith Simpson (Conservative) – 32,406 votes (57.9%)
  2. Iain Simpson (Labour) – 16,590 (29.6%)
  3. Steve Riley (Liberal Democrat) – 4,449 (7.9%)
  4. David Moreland (UKIP) – 1,594 (2.8%)
  5. Andrew Boswell (Green) – 932 (1.7%)

Turnout: 72.6%
James Joyce, a former Norfolk County Councillor for Reepham, stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal Democrat candidate for Great Yarmouth, receiving just 2.2% of the votes in that constituency, which was won by Brandon Lewis (Conservative) with 54.1% over Labour’s Mike Smith-Clare with 36.1%.
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