Imogen’s art giveaway

A local artist is giving away much of her work as she prepares for a house move and a new start.

Imogen’s Art Giveaway will be held on Saturday 16 September from 10 am – 1 pm in the Bircham Centre, Market Place, Reepham.
Imogen Ashwin, who has an MA in fine art, will be offering free to good homes lots of her student work (BA and MA), project work, photographs, one-off prints, objects and other works in diverse media.
Fascinated by archaeology, prehistory, magic and folklore, Ms Ashwin has explored a range of subjects including crossroads, the Sutton Hoo ship burial, Seahenge, medieval ritual, Norfolk hills, church north doorways and towers.
There will also be work by other artists that she will not be able to find space for when she moves.
There will be a box for donations towards the hire of the room and her move, “but I want people to feel welcome to take whatever they like, whether or not they contribute”, she said.

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