Keep it safe and secure this Christmas

The Reepham Safer Neighbourhood team of Norfolk Constabulary offers a few simple tips for festive security this Christmas:

  • Close curtains when dark to prevent thieves looking in.
  • Use timer switches so it looks like you are home.
  • Remember to secure windows, doors and outbuildings.
  • Record serial numbers, take photos of valuable items and mark them with a police approved marking system – it makes them worthless to thieves.
  • Always lock your car and never leave belongings on show, even in carparks.
  • Shred personal items to prevent possible identity theft.
  • Keep wallets, bags and any valuables on you hidden.
  • Don’t advertise new goods; never leave empty packaging.

To report an incident to the police, call 999 or 101 for a non-emergency, or email:

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