No new allocations for Reepham in latest housing consultation

A blueprint for where houses could be built in Norwich, South Norfolk and Broadland over the next 20 years has been approved and consultation on potential sites for almost 8,000 new homes will run from 29 January to 16 March.

The Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) is being produced by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership, which comprises Norwich City Council, Broadland District Council, South Norfolk Council and Norfolk County Council.
The plan provides opportunities for around 44,300 new homes over the next 20 years to 2038. Sites across Greater Norwich for around 36,500 homes have already been identified in the existing local plans, have planning permission or have been built since the start of the plan period in 2018.
More than 80% of these are being carried forward from existing plans. However, extra sites for almost 8,000 further new homes need to be identified, so landowners and others have been invited to submit potential sites.
Inclusion in the final plan, when it is adopted, does not mean planning permission will be granted, but it does make it more likely councillors will approve future applications.
Following the consultation and subsequent public examination, the final plan is likely to be adopted in 2021.
The quickest and easiest way to respond to the consultation is online at, but if you are unable to respond online please email your comments to or telephone 01603 306603 to request a response form.
All responses must be received by 5 pm on Monday 16 March 2020.
Reepham (including Booton, Guestwick, Heydon, Salle and Wood Dalling) is classed as a key service centre and is identified for small-scale housing growth.
However, there are currently no new allocations proposed as there are high amounts of existing commitments, while environmental/infrastructure constraints limit the potential for additional new housing.
There are two carried-forward residential allocations for 120 homes – land off Broomhill Lane for around 100 homes and the former station yard off Cawston Road for 20 homes – and a total of 28 additional dwellings with planning permission on small sites. This gives a total deliverable housing commitment for Reepham of 148 homes from 2018-2038.
Planning permission exists for the former station yard site that will provide for a 60-bed care home, 20 assisted flats and 15 assisted bungalows, which is currently being developed.
Residential sites in Reepham proposed that are currently considered “unreasonable” include:

  • land off Wood Dalling Road (adjacent to Collers Way) – 15 dwellings (GNLP0096)
  • land north of Whitwell Street – 35 dwellings (GNLP0180)
  • land east of Whitwell Road – 65-70 dwellings (GNLP0183)
  • land off Norwich Road – 5 or more dwellings (GNLP0221)
  • land north and south of the B1145 and Dereham Road – 100-200 dwellings (GNLP0353)
  • land adjacent Wood Dalling Road – 10-35 dwellings (GNLP0543A&B)
  • Orchard Lane – 5 dwellings (GNLP2026)
  • Cawston Road – unspecified number (GNLP2075)

Elsewhere in the Reepham district, additional sites have been proposed in Attlebridge, Cawston, Foulsham, Great Witchingham and Lenwade, and Heydon.

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