Purple crocuses bloom in polio fight

The beginning of March saw the purple crocuses in the Pound by the entrance to Reepham’s churchyard coming into full bloom despite the weather.

Photos: Roy Sherlock

crocuses have been planted over the years by Reepham & District Rotary Club to symbolise the worldwide Rotary International fight to eradicate polio.
Mass vaccination programmes over the past 30 years have meant that polio is now endemic in just two countries – Afghanistan and Pakistan – with only a handful of cases in each. But work is still needed in other parts of the world to make sure it does not recur.
The colour of the crocuses represents the purple dye used to mark the little finger of children who have been vaccinated to make it easier to ensure complete coverage, which is why Rotary plants purple crocuses all over the UK to publicise the campaign.
Every pound Rotary raises is trebled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Operating on a global scale means that around 2 billion doses of vaccine are given annually to 450 million children. The possibility of eradication is in sight.
This campaign is just one of the local and international projects supported by Reepham Rotary. The club is always pleased to receive offers of money or help.
Richard Cooke, Reepham & District Rotary Club

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