Parents take to the skies to raise funds for outdoor learning

A group of brave parents are to attempt a wing walk to raise money for outdoor learning and well-being at Reepham Primary School.

Left to right: Prospective wing walkers Simon Nelson, Sara Ellis, Steve Hopkins, Kate King, Mike Smith, Anna Hill and Jason Greves. Also taking part are Jeremy Buxton, Amadu Sowe and Jon Beverley.

Ten parents have now signed up to be strapped on top of the wing of a vintage 1940s biplane on Thursday 16 September at Skymax Wing Walkers in Upminster, Essex; a further six parents are running the London Marathon on Sunday 3 October.
Outdoor learning has been part of the primary school’s vision for a long time, but this is the first year it has been able to get it off the ground, running weekly sessions with a specialised teacher.
The wildlife garden has now been transformed into an outdoor area where children can make their own discoveries, playing and working in nature and learning how to care for it.
The plan for the next academic year is to offer outdoor learning to all classes across the school.
To do this successfully an outdoor classroom is needed and there will also be additional equipment to buy to help resource the lessons.
The Friends of Reepham Primary School are now aiming to raise funds to help meet these requirements.
The ten parents are covering the cost of the wing walk themselves so all money raised will go towards the campaign.
“We are all very excited to be part of this group as it feels great to be doing something for such a brilliant cause,” said the school’s outdoor learning teacher Kate King. “We have set ourselves a target to raise £20,000 to build an outdoor learning hub.
“This is the first year that Reepham Primary School has had outdoor learning taught by a specialist teacher to the lower school come rain or shine.
“It has been a brilliant first year, but to move forward and continue to provide effective sessions we need a base. The children need somewhere to get ready, to dry out waterproofs and to store resources.
“The idea to build an outdoor learning hub grew out of necessity and as a tangible way to support the school and promote the well-being of the children.
“We are all aware of the benefits of being outside as it keeps us active and healthy. The idea is even more relevant now as we continue to navigate the pandemic.
“I could not be happier that we are choosing to put our children’s well-being first. After such a challenging year in education, they need it more than anyone.”
The main sponsor of the outdoor learning hub is the Reepham-based holiday letting agency The Original Cottage Company. Local construction and timber frame specialists King & Company have also donated generously.
An Original Cottages spokesperson said: “We’re proud to be supporting Reepham Primary School in getting its outdoor learning facilities. We’ve had many an employee either join us from the school or have children who go to the school.”
To follow the progress of the fundraising campaign and donate, click HERE, or for help with fundraising, contact Friends of Reepham Primary School by email.

The wildlife garden at Reepham Primary School.

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