Fresh vegetables and cut flowers grown on the edge of Reepham

With the arrival of summer, Salle Moor Market Garden is looking for new members to join its local veg box scheme.

Salle Moor Market Garden had a stall at last month’s Reepham Food Festival. Pictured here are co-directors Megan Davis and Tommy Butt. Photo: Salle Moor Market Garden

Based on the edge of Reepham at Salle Moor Hall Farm, the market garden is a small-scale, not-for-profit organisation growing vegetables, salads, herbs and cut flowers for the local community using sustainable farming practices.
With the summer solstice just passed, the team is busy tending to seedlings, training tomato and cucumber plants, harvesting flowers, broad beans and sugar snap peas, and planting out crops for the summer harvests.
As well as being highly productive, the site is also planted with native hedgerows, a small orchard and thousands of flowers to attract insects and wildlife.
This is Salle Moor Market Garden’s third growing season on the site, having now settled in and looking forward to an abundant season ahead.
The market garden sells freshly harvested produce directly to members through a weekly veg box scheme, trying to keep deliveries within ten miles of the farm to reduce food miles.
It uses sustainable farming practices to protect nature, care for the environment and promote a healthy living soil. This means it can grow a diverse range of crops in long rotations, using cover crops and green manure to build soil structure, mulches to protect bare ground and plenty of compost to restore organic matter to the soil.
“We care deeply about the environment and believe regenerative agricultural practices such as these will protect our ecosystem and build resilience in the face of unpredictable climate change,” said Helen Cherry, director.
“These practices mean that our produce is nutritional and delicious, and naturally free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers.
“Salle Moor Market Garden has a wonderful community of local veg box members, who receive a weekly box of freshly harvested local produce and know the people who grow their food, how it is produced and where it comes from.”
The market garden also provides local jobs, currently including two paid Kickstarter traineeships, as well as regular volunteering opportunities, educational workshops and community events.
Salle Moor Market Garden is currently looking for new members to join its veg box scheme for the season and has only have a few spaces left.
To try out the scheme, order a bouquet of seasonal flowers or join one of the Wednesday volunteering mornings, please email.

Salle Moor Market Garden also sells seasonal cut flowers. Pictured here are co-directors Megan Davis (left) and Helen Cherry. Photo: Salle Moor Market Garden

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