Be a Reepham Good Neighbour

It takes many things to make a community, but an important part of what it means to be a community is people looking out for one another and being there to give help and support when it’s needed: being good neighbours, in short.

Neighbourliness is the social glue that bonds communities together. It helps create an environment where people feel safe and secure because they have a genuine connection with one another.
However, in the modern world people are increasingly mobile. Residents move away from the places they were brought up in and new people move in to replace them.
The result is that it’s increasingly difficult to have that genuine connection with one another with the consequence that some people can become isolated and feel increasingly unsafe and insecure.
To help address the issue, Good Neighbour Schemes have been successfully set up elsewhere in Norfolk and beyond.
While the scope of activities Good Neighbour Schemes can undertake is almost limitless, typically they assist more vulnerable, disabled or frail local residents in simple ways such as by befriending them, helping with domestic tasks like mowing the garden or putting up curtains or changing light bulbs, arranging appointments, helping with shopping, or giving a lift to shops or appointments.
The work of each scheme is undertaken by local volunteers guided by a steering committee of local people.
Reepham has been identified as a community that may benefit from having a scheme so Henry Meiklejohn from Norfolk Rural Community Council will be giving a short talk about what’s involved at the Bircham Centre, Market Place, Reepham, on Wednesday 25 September starting at 7.30 pm.
Good Neighbour Schemes are a great way to feel part of the community, to meet new people and to make a difference in your community, so please come along if you might like to get involved or are simply interested in finding out a bit more about it.
In the meantime, if you have any questions about Good Neighbour Schemes, please feel free to get in touch with Henry Meiklejohn at Norfolk RCC by emailing or calling 01362 698216.