Community groups to raise funds for Ukraine

Reepham & District Rotary Club hosted a meeting on Monday 11 July with other local community groups to discuss ways of raising funds to help the people of Ukraine – both the refugees and those who remain. It is clear they will have problems for many years, even if peace can be established.

Photo: Richard Cooke/Reepham & District Rotary Club

The meeting involved representatives from Reepham Lions, Reepham WI, scouts, schools and church.
One of the problems has been ensuring that the right aid gets to the right place. The audience viewed a Zoom presentation from the Rotary Club of Kyiv about the work they and other local clubs are doing on the ground.
This has involved medical supplies, feeding refugees, fuel for ambulances, supporting transport services and much more. With knowledge of needs on the ground they can adapt and respond quickly.
Reepham Rotary Club has established a link to send money directly to Kyiv, which means it can have a more rapid effect than that sent through international agencies.
The club has already contributed £4,000 from emergency funds, but much more will be needed.
The meeting is already bearing fruit with a joint fundraising project with the WI in the form of a quiz on Thursday 18 August and discussions with schools before the start of the next term. There will be more opportunities to donate in the months ahead.
If anyone has a fundraising idea or would like to help, please get in touch with Reepham Rotary president Jim Fraser on 07736 416869 or email.

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