Campaign launched to bring GoGoSafari trail to Reepham

A fundraising campaign has been launched to raise money to enable Reepham to host one of Break Charity’s GoGoSafari animals in the town during its new trail planned for summer 2025.

Image: Reepham Festival

The organisers of Reepham’s annual music festival have taken on the task of facilitating and promoting the campaign to raise the money needed to sponsor the animal.
They hope that support will be forthcoming through donations from individuals, organisations and businesses that have a connection to Reepham. They aim to raise the money needed this summer to secure Reepham’s place on the 2025 trail.
Donations to the campaign can be paid via a JustGiving page, with the money donated there going directly to Break.
Donations can also be made by bank transfer or cheque; please contact the Reepham Festival team by email for further details.
Break Charity has brought four trails to the streets of Norwich and Norfolk over the past 11 years, featuring gorillas, dragons, hares, dinosaurs and mammoths.
The 2025 trail will involve a mix of sculptures depicting the “Big 5” safari animals: lion, elephant, gorilla, giraffe and rhinoceros.
Reepham Festival has reserved a lion sculpture for Reepham and has pledged to kickstart the campaign with a £2,000 donation from its charity fund.
Brenda Gostling, who looks after marketing and communications for Reepham Festival, explained why the annual music event has taken on this task.
“We believe that a GoGoSafari sculpture will bring benefits across the board for the town,” she said.
“It will bring in new visitors who can browse our shops and use our pubs and cafés, it will raise awareness of our lovely historic town and it will give our residents something to make them smile.
“Not only that, it will also support one of Norfolk’s best-loved charities, Break, who do such wonderful work with young people in care and leaving care. We’re very proud to play our part to help make this happen.”
This year’s Reepham Festival takes place on the weekend of 10–11 August and features headliners, The Hoosiers, as well as bands from Norfolk, other parts of the UK and the US. See the RFestival 24 website for the full lineup and ticket information.

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