Further consultation planned for Dereham Road development

More than 150 people attended a public consultation event at the Old Brewery House Hotel on 7 March to discuss a proposed residential development on Dereham Road, Reepham. The proposal could see up to 90 houses being built on land either side of the B1145 on the main, western approach to the town.

Residents were asked what type of materials they would like to see used or feel would be appropriate for the proposed residential development on Dereham Road, Reepham

The event was organised by Iceni Developments, a Norwich-based development company specialising in commercial and residential property.
Other partners represented included architects Feilden+Mawson; Anglia Survey & Design (ASD), which offers architectural, surveying and civil engineering consultancy; property consultancy Savills UK; and The Landscape Partnership, a team of landscape architects.
More consultation is planned over the next few months, with a full planning application possibly being submitted in late summer.
The 3.91 hectares of land owned by Michael Buxton form part of “Reepham 2”, one of Broadland District Council’s shortlisted sites under the proposed Local Development Framework.
The proposed development is well located to the schools, doctors’ surgery, open space and the town centre, and is said to provide the “opportunity for delivering a compact and sustainable form of new development to the town” and one “that integrates with the existing landscape, neighbourhood and community”.
It is proposed that Dereham Road will be widened to 6.0 metres across the site frontage with 1.8-metre-wide footpaths on both sides of the road connecting to the existing footways at Smuggler’s Lane and Park Lane.
The existing 30 mph speed limit would be moved westwards, as would the right of way to the existing residential property on the south of Dereham Road – The Cart House (formerly Blossom Barn).
Owing to the topography of the site, it is envisaged that foul water will be drained to an adoptable pumping station and pumped off-site to the existing foul drainage network at the junction of Park Lane and Dereham Road.
Iceni Developments director Jerry Fuller said the principal aim of the development is to create a high-quality residential site for Reepham. He added: “We want to be as open as possible and give people the opportunity to be involved in the consultation process and have an input into the design.”
The partners are also looking at other potential opportunities that could benefit the community, including expansion of the doctors’ surgery as well as provision of a community woodland area and land for a new bowling green and clubhouse.
A main aim of the consultation was to get input and ideas on the potential form, style and shape of residential development considered appropriate for the town in this location.
However, many people were disappointed in the lack of new information presented and used the event to raise their concerns about such estate-type development on greenfield sites on the edge of the town.
Mr Fuller said the consultation went “as we expected and we were pleased with how well attended it was. We recorded about 125 people who signed in, so numbers were probably slightly higher than that. This was a consultation to gain initial thoughts on the site, and we now have a lot of design work, etc., to be getting on with.”
Following evaluation of any feedback, Iceni Developments plans to hold a public exhibition of the design proposals for the site, possibly in May, where the community will have another opportunity to comment. Presentation of the final designs is provisionally scheduled for July, with a full planning application in July/August at the earliest.
Regarding the land off Dereham Road, Iceni Developments specifically asked:

  • What architectural style would you like to see or feel would be appropriate?
  • What type of materials would you like to see used or feel would be appropriate?
  • What type of open space and play provision should be considered as part of the scheme?
  • Are there any other thoughts and ideas you think we should consider as part of our design work?

Comments can be made by Friday 15 March 2013 to: Andrew Hodgson, Savills (UK) Ltd, Unex House, 132-134 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8PA. Email: ajhodgson@savills.com
Meanwhile, Realistic Reepham said it presented to Iceni Developments around 85 completed forms from residents objecting to the proposed development. The local campaign group highlighted specific concerns regarding road transport, employment, schools and doctors, utilities, shopping and services, and the environment and landscape.
Iceni Developments or its partners have yet to respond to these objections.
What do you think about the proposed development on Dereham Road? Please contact Reepham Life with any comments, either in favour or against.

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