Town Council’s comments on Whitwell Station plans

Reepham Town Council has made the following submission to Broadland District Council regarding the planning application by Whitwell & Reepham Railway Preservation Society to re-lay railway track on the platform side of Whitwell Station to provide better access for disabled and elderly passengers.

“The Town Council understands that Norfolk County Council, as owners of the land, are satisfied that the Railway has met the requirements placed on them, have no objection to the proposal and are therefore prepared to grant a lease or licence for the use of the path.
“While The Council is supportive of Whitwell & Reepham Railway Preservation Society and their valuable contribution to local tourism and the local economy, The Council is at the same time concerned about certain aspects of the application.
“The first concern relates the lack of consultation by Norfolk County Council with users of Marriott’s Way, some of whom attended the Town Council meeting. The Marriott’s Way forms part of the British Horse Society’s National Bridle Route Network. They are hence significant users and part of the local economy and so it was disappointing to hear that they had not been consulted.
“The second main concern was about the impact of the proposal on the users of Marriott’s Way. The proposal would create a narrow 3 metre wide section of Marriott’s Way, enclosed by high walls of the platforms and divided off from trains by a fence. It was felt that, in spite of NCC assurances, horse riders, walkers, runners and cyclists would not feel safe sharing a path of this width and that this would detract from what is a valuable resource for local people and for visitors. The issue of an alternative route which would reduce the pressure on this section of the Railway was raised.
“Although it is acknowledged that Marriott’s Way is not a public right of way, Norfolk County Council invites members of the public to use it as a footpath, bridleway, cycle path and with mobility vehicles. The Council has written to Norfolk County Council requesting that they consider carefully the impact of the proposed application on all users before making any final decision to grant a lease/licence.”
The closing date for comments on planning application 20151939 has been extended to 5 pm, Wednesday 27 January 2016. You can view the documents HERE and send your comments to Broadland by email
Do you support Whitwell Station’s plans? Send an email to Reepham Life or Contact Us (please include your name, address and contact telephone no.)
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