Reepham businesses vote to remain in the EU

Local businesses in the Reepham district have voted to remain in the European Union.

Left to right: Andrew Toomey, Rex Warner and Richard Cooke

At this morning’s meeting of the Reepham Business Network held at the Dial House, 20 businesspeople heard passionate yet reasoned arguments for and against the UK remaining a member of the EU.
Speaking for the “leave” campaign, Rex Warner made the case for “Brexit” based on his views of vision, democracy and freedom. He concluded that the only way for the UK to improve healthcare, education, housing and the economy is to “vote leave”.
Andrew Toomey and Richard Cooke argued for the UK’s continued EU membership. Mr Toomey said that, while there is most probably a need for the change within the EU, “we should retain our seat at the table to ensure that we can influence those changes”.
Mr Cooke agreed, adding that a main concern is that the issue might get decided by “old people like us” and that we “need to think more about future generations”.
At the end of the debate, a ballot showed 15 in favour of remaining in the EU, four voted to leave the EU, with one undecided.
The Reepham Business Network is an informal group of small businesses and professional people working in and around the town. It discusses issues of mutual interest and, on occasion, invites guest speakers to meetings.
The RBN meets from 7.30–9 am on alternate Thursdays, usually at V’s Café Townsend Corner, Reepham. There is no membership charge – just pay £6 for breakfast, but please let us know if you intend to come. Contact: David Laws 01603 871126 or 07933 149810. Email: or
The next meeting will be at 7.30 am on Thursday 26 May.

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