Information wanted on Gibbs’ Ironmongers lorry

I am restoring a 1946 Bedford that was once owned by Gibbs’ Ironmongers of Reepham (writes Paul Blanch of Taverham). This lorry was in a very poor state and has taken more than five years to get where it is today.

The 1946 Bedford before restoration

I would like to find out more about its life with the Gibbs family and wonder if your readers have any stories or, better still photos, of the lorry, which would have been around the 1950s or 1960s. It left the Gibbs family in the late 1960s for Dereham.
To the best of our knowledge the registration of the truck was DEW 917. We do know that it was an orange colour when the Gibbs family had it.
We have met the last commercial driver – he is now 92 years old and remembers collecting it from Edward Gibbs of Reepham.
Paul Blanch, Taverham
If anyone has any more information on the lorry or its life in Reepham with the Gibbs family, please contact us

The 1946 Bedford being restored