Town Council voices strong support for local bus service

Reepham Town Council has voiced its full support for the bus service provided by Holt-based Sanders Coaches and has described the harassment of drivers by some local residents as “inappropriate”.

Photo: Bill Rose

Sanders’ buses have recently been parking in Bircham Road near the junction with Norwich Road. However, residents have claimed this presents dangers for both car drivers and pedestrians.
Following complaints over bus parking in last month’s Reepham Life, town clerk Jo Boxall said she had received reports that bus drivers had been harassed, with residents also following buses and taking photos of the vehicles and their drivers.
It is understood the company has filed a complaint to the police about the harassment.
“Sanders were considering increasing the bus service to Reepham – now they are thinking of withdrawing,” Mrs Boxall told the Town Council meeting on 12 April.
Bircham Road residents who had complained had been invited to attend the meeting and voice their concerns; however, none did so. Residents have also apparently threatened to park their cars in this street to prevent buses from parking there.
The problem, which has arisen in the past, lies in finding a suitable place for buses to park in between scheduled services and for drivers to take a break, said Mrs Boxall.
“The bus company is struggling because residents do not want buses parking in their street,” she told the meeting.
“And bus drivers have been harassed by shop owners about parking for any length of time in the Market Place because shoppers can’t get their cars out of their parking spaces, so this is not an ideal situation.
“The police seem to think Bircham Road is the best possible place for buses to park for the time being – there are not a lot of places that do comply with the Highway Code.
“Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution in a rural town such as Reepham.”
Cllr Anne Woollett said it was important for the Town Council to commit itself to the bus service, especially for older people who do not have cars and for young people going to and from Norwich.
“It is an essential service for various sectors of the community. Perhaps there needs for be more public education and information about what it provides.”
Town Council chairman Les Paterson said a number of alternative bus parking sites had been examined, including Kerri’s Pine, Stimpson’s Piece, the fire station and the high school; however, all of these had some issues regarding access and for buses being able to turn around.
The Council expressed the hope that Sanders Coaches will come to Reepham to talk through the possibilities.
District Councillor Graham Everett said he fully supported keeping the bus service in Reepham and would do what he could to try to resolve the issues expressed by residents.
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