Cawston Road housing plans to be announced ‘soon’

According to the Reepham Society’s latest Planning Committee report, plans for the housing development site on Cawston Road (known as Reepham 1) “will be promoted soon”.

The 8.77-hectare site, which is owned by the Salle Estate, has been identified by Broadland District Council as one of several sites on the edge of Reepham that could be earmarked for housing development under the proposed Local Development Framework.
If approved, this site to the west of Cawston Road, comprising agricultural land and pasture, could see around 200 new houses being built over the next 15 years.
Reepham Life will provide further information as soon as it becomes available.
According to the latest information from Realistic Reepham, Broadland’s planners are currently working on a document setting out their preferred site allocations for the entire district, including Reepham.
BDC’s planning department intends to present this to the Council for ratification in May or June. A few weeks later, they will launch another public consultation, which will be a 12-week event, similar to that held in autumn 2011.
Broadland’s planners will probably be indicating their choice (or choices) out of the various Reepham sites that have been considered in previous consultations – Reepham 1 (Cawston Road), Reepham 2 (Dereham Road), Whitwell Road and Whitwell Street.
Part of the Reepham 2 site is already the subject of development plans being proposed by Savills and Iceni Developments (see our news item).
It is also likely that one or both of the sites on Whitwell Road/Whitwell Street will be presented for public consultation ahead of a planning application.

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