Reepham Rotarians learn to read again

A team from Reepham & District Rotary Club will be going back to basics to help pupils at Reepham Primary School.

Reepham & District Rotary Club reading team (left to right): Richard Cooke, George Forster, Andrew Egerton-Smith, Trevor Nelson, John Pickering and Tony Kager. Not in picture: John Tym

The Rotarians will be providing “one-on-one” reading sessions for year 1 and 2 pupils to help them develop this key skill faster.
Since it is more than 60 years since most of the Rotary team learned to read, a little retraining has been necessary.
A study of phonics has been essential to make sure members understand the way children are now taught, although some have found this challenging.
Rotary team leader John Pickering said: “We are sure that we can get up to speed and we are delighted to be making a contribution to the development of children in what is an excellent school.”
Reepham Primary School head Catherine Ogle commented: “We are very grateful to the Rotarians. Extra individual reading time is a useful supplement to the work of teachers and family in developing this vital skill.”
The Rotary team will be working with pupils throughout the autumn term and hope to be available for future help as needed.
Richard Cooke

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