Local scout leader smashes skateboarding record

A scout leader from Reepham has broken the world record for skateboarding the length of the UK.

Starting in John o’ Groats in the far north of Scotland on a blowy autumn day in early October, Jon Holder, 28, aimed to complete the 822-mile challenge in 20 days.
He reached Land’s End in western Cornwall in an incredible 16 days, smashing the previous record of 21 days.
Weaving through the country, Mr Holder was blown away by the incredible support of strangers who helped him complete his journey and were generous with their charity donations.
“I never imagined that people would welcome me into their homes so I could have a bed for the night and home-cooked food,” he said. “In a world that is seemly full of negativity, this demonstrates how kind people are.”
Supporting him on his journey was John McKean from Whitwell Hall County Centre, who drove the support vehicle.
“John has been an invaluable resource on this adventure,” Mr Holder explained. “Without his help and support I know I would have been hungry, beyond exhaustion and hospitalised. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.”
Overcoming many setbacks, such as extremes of weather (hurricanes), illness, a trip to the hospital, exhaustion and technical issues, Mr Holder said: “Although this has been an incredibly hard challenge, I would not have changed it for the world.
“Raising money for two great charities has been a huge driving force and the thing that kept me going.
“The Sue Lambert Trust in Norfolk and SNAP (Special Needs and Parents charity) in Essex) will receive much needed funds and recognition from this trip.”
Mr Holder, who is also a cub scout leader in his spare time, is hoping to use his adventure to encourage young people and others to follow their dreams, and is holding talks in the local area and live sessions on Facebook.

  • If you have been inspired by his adventure or want to see his journey in full check out Jon Holder on Facebook or search #bigskatedown on Twitter.

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Skateboarding scout leader Jon Holder (left) with support driver John McKean at Land’s End

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