Whitwell Common management plan moves forward

The trustees of Whitwell Common are planning two further events to outline plans for managing this Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).
A large number of people attended the public meeting about managing the Common in March, most of whom were supportive of the plan to fence and graze part of the area.
Since then, the Baling for Biodiversity project, an initiative of the Hawk and Owl Trust based at Sculthorpe Moor, has offered help.
This project aims to use the management techniques and equipment that have been successfully developed at Sculthorpe to improve the condition of about a dozen sites in Norfolk, including Whitwell Common.
A new baling machine that can be used on wet ground will be a considerable help in removing the vegetation – an operation that is vital for maintaining the rich and diverse flora of the site. This will form part of the trustees' plan for the Common, which includes fencing and grazing, as well as mowing.

A new baling machine that can be used on wet ground will help in removing the vegetation to maintain the rich and diverse flora of Whitwell Common

One of the objectives of the project is to engage local people in the work involved – this is a good opportunity to give practical support to this hidden gem of Reepham’s heritage.
There will be another open meeting in St Michael’s, Reepham, on Thursday 25 July at 7 pm, when project manager Neil Chadwick will explain the plan.
There will also be an open day at the Common on Saturday 31 August, when everyone is invited to come and see the work in progress.
Meanwhile, do contact any of the trustees via email if you have any questions or would like further information:
Tony Foottit acfoottit@hotmail.com
Julia Kemp juliackemp@gmail.com
Lin Garland ashcot2003@talktalk.net
Daphne Ludgate daphnesgarden@yahoo.co.uk
Mike Hawtry-Eastwood mikecommoncottage@btinternet.com