Residents facing ‘prison-yard look’ of convenience store compound

Residents in Stony Lane, Reepham, have voiced their concerns regarding changes to the proposed convenience store at the old station yard development site on Cawston Road.

Photos: Phillip Leeder/Anglia Aerial Images

The applicants have submitted a variation of the planning conditions 20200276 to amend the design of the food retail unit, which is believed to be for Central England Co-operative.
The new plans show a secure service area at the back of the store, which faces residents at the top of Stony Lane, with the compound apparently surrounded by steel gates and fencing.
Residents pointed out that the approved plans (20180963) shows the yard enclosed with 1.8-metre-high brick walls and metal gates.
However, the materials for the compound wall are not specified on the revised plans and the elevations and visualisations appear to show the fence and gates made from galvanised steel “of the sort used for car storage compounds, which are completely out of character with the present or planned buildings”.
Residents have asked for the fencing to be made of wood, or wood-faced gates flanked on either side by a brick wall that matches the rear of the retail unit.
Following its meeting on Wednesday 11 March, Reepham Town Council has lodged an objection to this planning application on the grounds that the materials proposed for the compound are out of keeping with the surrounding area.
The council felt the proposed screening will not compensate for the “incongruous steel compound” that will be visible to those residents living opposite on Stony Lane, and requested the compound be built out of more aesthetically pleasing materials.
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