Proposal for 90 new houses on Dereham Road

Full planning application is expected to be made within the next few months for building up to 90 new houses in Reepham on land either side of the B1145 Dereham Road on the main, western approach to the town.

Existing vehicular access to the proposed development site on the B1145 Dereham Road

Addressing the Reepham Town Council Planning Committee meeting on 29 January 2013, James Rennie, director – urban design & masterplanning, Savills UK, said the development would provide a range of housing types and will include a proportion of “affordable” housing.
He informed the Town Council that Iceni Developments of Norwich has been engaged as the property developer, while Fielden+Mawson, also of Norwich, have been appointed as the architects.
The proposal could include the provision of land for possible expansion of the doctors’ surgery on Smuggler’s Lane. Another idea being floated is to create a new recreation area for Reepham, in an area of woodland off Kerdiston Road. Discussions are also ongoing with Broadland District Council’s planning department.
As part of the consultation and engagement process, Savills are proposing a half-day workshop to provide an update on the plans and get people’s views on the proposed site in terms of overall design, layout, access, amount and position of open space, etc.
“We want people to come along and be involved in this project; it will not necessarily mean they support development,” said Mr Rennie.
He added that, following this workshop and having analysed the opinions expressed and making any changes to the scheme, a one-day public exhibition would also be held.
After any further alterations, it is proposed that the final plans will be presented to the Town Council prior to formal submission of a detailed planning application, which is provisionally targeted for July, "although this is still subject to change," Mr Rennie pointed out.
“Our client, a resident of Reepham, is committed to continuing to undertake meaningful consultation and engagement throughout the design and planning process. We can’t be any more open about our discussions,” he said.
With a total area of 3.91 hectares, the land, which is owned by Michael Buxton, forms part of “Reepham 2”, one of Broadland District Council’s shortlisted sites under the proposed Local Development Framework. However, a series of delays could mean that the LDF may not be finalised until late 2014.
The planning meeting was reminded that Reepham Town Council, in its December 2011 submission to Broadland’s LDF consultation process, objected to any development on both the Reepham 1 (Cawston Road/Wood Dalling Road) and Reepham 2 (B1145 Dereham Road) shortlisted sites, which it argued would result in “a detrimental impact upon the town and are unsustainable”.

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