Little evidence of speeding, police figures show

There is little evidence of speeding on the main roads in and out of Reepham according to figures obtained from two speed checks carried out recently by Norfolk Constabulary.

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A resident at December’s meeting of Reepham Town Council claimed that 95% of vehicles on Norwich Road to the east of the town centre – a 30 mph zone – travel at speeds of more than 35mph.
However, a speed survey carried out over a seven-day period from 15–22 November on Norwich Road at the junction with Bircham Road showed less than 1% of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 35 mph. The average speed recorded over the period was 24 mph.
A similar survey carried out from 30 September – 6 October on an unrestricted section of Whitwell Road, south of Reepham, showed no vehicles travelling at speeds of more than 60 mph – the top speed was in the range 40–45 mph by just a few vehicles. The average speed recorded over the period was 30 mph.
There had earlier been complaints about speeding on Whitwell Road as well as Nowhere Lane, which prompted the police speed checks.
Some residents dispute the police figures and maintain that the issue of speeding in and around Reepham is serious. “A lot of motorists speed,” the town council meeting was told. “Do we have to wait until someone gets killed? It’s endemic.”
While there is no evidence of speeding on the narrow section of Norwich Road approaching the town centre, there have been many incidents of damage to walls, particularly the church wall opposite the entrance to Ollands Road as well as Victoria House, which have both been hit by large vehicles over many years.
Reepham Town Council is asking residents to put forward suggestions to help solve these problems. Ideas previously proposed include traffic barriers, footpaths and a one-way system.
The town council will be discussing speeding and other traffic issues at its meeting on Wednesday 12 January. Download the agenda HERE.
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