Post-Christmas bottle banks full but tidy

While the bottle banks in Reepham’s Station Road car park were full to overflowing following the festive period, residents were at least tidy in leaving their empties for collection.

Reepham is a tidy (if boozy) place. Photo: Charles Butcher

If the bottle banks are full, people should return later or use alternative methods of disposal.
Although householders can now put glass in their grey recycling bins, the bottle banks in the car park, as well as those located at Stimpson’s Piece and The Crown, bring in significant income for Reepham Town Council, which is used specifically for grants to local groups and organisations. Download an application form HERE.
Residents are also encouraged to support the paper and textile banks at the Station Road car park as these also provide valuable funds, which is used in the same way as the glass recycling income.
Broadland District Council, which owns the car park, has warned people not to fly-tip or dump waste at recycling banks. As well as being costly to clean up, this has a negative impact on the environment and human health. It is also a criminal offence.
Most people use the sites properly, but a small number illegally dump rubbish at them, which makes it hard to empty the bins and prevents other people from using them.

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