Ground-breaking and cutting-edge therapies now available in Alderford

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said: “All disease begins in the gut.”
A healthy lifestyle and diet play a huge role in our overall well-being, but regular maintenance and detoxification of the body goes a long way to implementing great health and is a great preventative to disease.

Photo: MRL Clinic, Alderford

Marie Reynolds London is thrilled to announce some ground-breaking and cutting-edge therapies now available at the MRL Clinic in Alderford.
These include colon hydrotherapy with LED, organic enemas, probiotic implants and ozone insufflation.
The Herrmann Hydromat is a state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy machine that cleanses the entire colon using filtered water – without the use of drugs or chemicals.
It is a “closed system” that affords a comfortable, modern, naturopathic procedure while maintaining the dignity of the individual.
Organic enemas are available in tandem with colonic hydrotherapy. An enema differs from a colonic hydrotherapy in that it involves various preparations to either neutralise toxins, increase energy or detox.
The main objective of an enema is to evacuate the lower colon, while colonics cleanse a larger portion of the bowel.
Beneficial cleansing and detoxinating actions do mean that beneficial bacteria may also be washed away, therefore a probiotic implant re-cultivates beneficial flora and fauna to expedite your gut health journey.
Ozone therapy provides beneficial health benefits to the body along with implementing it as a preconditioning therapy – a preventative measure for overall well-being.
Ozone gas is applied to the gut and converted into oxygen: it eliminates free radicals and is enormously effective against pathogenic microbes, promoting a healthy microbiota that thrives in an oxygen-rich environment.
Ozone (O3) delivers super-enriched oxygen at a cellular level and may help to optimise cell function thus increasing energy levels.
It may boost and balance immunity, improve blood circulation, harmonise hormones, enhance the nervous system and provide an effective healthy ageing therapy.
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