Public toilets could close after persistent vandalism

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon for the past three weeks the toilet roll in the men’s toilet in Pudding Pie Alley, Reepham, has been ripped from its holder and put down the toilet causing a blockage.

Photo: Reepham Community Press

According to Reepham Town Council, which is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the toilets, despite using a different toilet roll holder and chaining the roll to the handrail, the problem has continued.
A subsequent incident involved a new toilet roll being deliberately soaked with water.
This has now reached the point at which, unless it stops or those responsible are found, the town council said it will have no choice but to lock the men’s toilet.
It added that it seriously pursuing the possibility of installing CCTV in the vicinity of the toilets.
Police suspect this could be the actions of one persistent individual who is causing the vandalism for some unknown reason.
If you were in the vicinity of the toilet between 12–5 pm on Saturday 16 July and have any information, please let the town clerk know by email or by phone 01603 873355 in confidence.
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