Byfords completes purchase of the Old Brewery House

Iain Wilson of Byfords has announced the completion of the purchase of the Grade II listed Old Brewery House Hotel in Reepham.
“It’s too early to decide on exactly what we are going to do with the building,” he said. “It has been closed since August and is in a sorry state. We will need 6-9 months to make plans, get the appropriate permissions and carry out some of the necessary work before we open this fantastic building up for you to share with us.
“I am thinking it will take five years in various stages, to deliver the quality in the building that will do it justice.”
He continued: “It’s a building we know well. It’s where I started my ‘apprenticeship’ in the hospitality business in my early 20s, running the sports club and hotel for five years, meeting Clair my wife in the final year (on the treadmill, funnily enough, which was a sign of things to come), to then leave to find our own business, which is when we stumbled across Byfords.”
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