Local businessman launches wheelie bin mover

A design and manufacturing business set up by a Reepham-based entrepreneur is launching a new range of self-propelled materials handling machines.
The devices are said to make life easy for domestic and commercial users, and meet health and safety requirements.

Mark Bridges, managing director of MGB Easy Handling, demonstrates the GoodsMan 100, a versatile powered sack truck designed and manufactured in the UK

Available from MGB Easy Handling, the range comprises the BinBoy for light-duty and domestic use and the GoodsMan for effortless heavy-duty service.
BinBoy is a patented self-loading, powered device that makes moving loaded wheelie bins no longer a chore.
Battery driven, BinBoy can move up to 100 kg over typical gradients, presenting a flexible solution to a variety of manual handling situations. It easily negotiates steps, kerbs, gradients, deep gravel and rough ground.
Conforming to international design standards, the BinBoy range features standard models, such as wheelie bins and sack barrows, as well as bespoke designs for specific tasks.
Meanwhile, the GoodsMan heavy-duty range comprises 100 kg and 300 kg capacity machines for easy handling over poor surfaces and gradients that were either highly problematic or failing Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines. Accessories under development include self-loading and carriage systems for courier delivery efficiency.
Mark Bridges, managing director of MGB Handling said: “BinBoy and Goodsman make light work of materials handling and repositioning, whether at home, in a warehouse or at the roadside. It really is effortless.”
MGB Easy Handling products are already proving themselves in a number of industries, such as warehouse and storage, white goods delivery, waste management and disposal, construction and horticulture, as well as hospitals and care homes.
The new products from MGB Easy Handling will be on show from 4 – 6pm on Friday 7 March at 2 Shepherds Business Park, Norwich Road, Lenwade, Norfolk NR9 5SG
Further information MGB Easy Handling on 01603 555700 or sales@mgbeh.co.uk
Full story in the April 2014 edition of Reepham Life

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