Candidates line up for County Council elections

Four candidates have been nominated for the Reepham Division in the Norfolk County Council Elections on Thursday 4 May:

  • Stuart Beadle (Liberal Democrat);
  • Paul Brock (UKIP);
  • Ruth Goodall (Labour);
  • Greg Peck (Conservative).


The current county councillor for Reepham is James Joyce, who is stepping down for family reasons. He has represented the division since May 2005 and is the Liberal Democrat Group Spokesperson for Children’s Services.
There are 84 Norfolk County Councillors who represent their communities in Norfolk; of these 13 councillors are in the Broadland district.
County Council elections take place every four years. Following the last election in May 2013, Norfolk County Council is one of no overall control. The current political makeup of the council is: 42 Conservative, 14 Labour, 11 UKIP and Independent, 10 Liberal Democrat, three Green, three non-aligned and one vacancy.
Reepham Division 2013 results

  1. James Michael Joyce (Liberal Democrat) – 768 votes (33.6%)
  2. Kerrie Alison Barnett (Conservative) – 717 votes (31.4%)
  3. Dominic Low (UKIP) – 510 votes (22.3%)
  4. Christine Mary Hemingway (Labour) – 292 votes (12.8%)

Turnout – 2,287 (34.9%).
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