Defibrillator in Reepham town centre

By Judy Holland
With all the media attention recently to lives that could be saved by having a defibrillator situated in small towns and villages, we thought it a good idea to remind everyone that an automated external defibrillator in Reepham is located on the outside wall of Bank House on the corner of Market Place.

Dial 999 for an access code to unlock the cabinet; the portable unit can then be taken to the casualty.
Guidance is provided on how to use the equipment by an automated voice, which will direct the user as to how to attach the pads to the patient’s chest and carry out the treatment.
The defibrillator was installed in March 2015 by The Original Cottage Company and includes vital lifesaving equipment for use by the public and visitors to Reepham, as well as the emergency services.
This information is now listed on the Reepham Life website under “Useful Info” on the left of the home page and subsequent pages.
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