Sourdough pizzas every Friday evening at Salle taproom

Following strong local support throughout the summer, the All Day Brewing Company is extending its taproom bar and kitchen’s opening times into the autumn and winter.

The taproom is now open every Friday evening, from 5 – 9 pm, offering freshly made, stone-baked, sourdough-crust, vegetarian pizzas from the wood-fired oven in the courtyard outside the main brewery barn at the Salle Moor Hall Farm site, Wood Dalling Road, Salle.
The pizza bases are created using a wild yeast sourdough starter, with the yeast coming from the brewery’s organic orchard. The resulting sourdough bases retain a slightly tangy, mellow flavour, and are topped with a variety of seasonal, local ingredients, home-grown herbs, and vegan or vegetarian cheeses.
Brewer Miles Anstes said: “Our sourdough pizzas taste especially good when paired with one of our wild farmhouse or sour beers, or one from our Norfolk Green Hop series.”
The All Day Brewing team are grateful for the support of friends and neighbours, including Kathy East and Olson Gook of Rooster’s Bike Barn, who lead the kitchen and bar teams; Eves Hill Veg Co, Neil Ashford and other local gardeners, who provide the fresh ingredients; Sam and Tom Jensen, who made the taproom bar; Gav Morris and Rael Turnell, who built the taproom kitchen; and the Economic Development team at Broadland District Council, who helped fund the stone-domed pizza oven.
Photos: All Day Brewing Company

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