Town noticeboards renewed

By Charles Butcher
Reepham now has three new community noticeboards at Robins Lane, Station Road car park and Station Plain.

Clive Hall puts the finishing touches to the new Station Plain noticeboard. Photo: Charles Butcher

Maintenance contractor Clive Hall of Reepham today finished replacing the old noticeboards, which were the worse for wear.
Originally provided by Reepham Town Council, the noticeboards were looked after by the Reepham Society until it began winding-up procedures in November 2016. They are now once again the responsibility of the Town Council, said town clerk Jo Boxall.
With display space often in short supply, Mrs Boxall will keep a close eye on what goes up on the boards. Notices for community events not more than three weeks ahead are welcome, but she will remove out-of-date notices and any commercial advertisements.
Neighbouring villages may promote their events – as long as there is room, Mrs Boxall says, but Reepham notices will take priority.
The pair of small noticeboards in Church Hill, off the Market Place (on the railings near the churchyard entrance), are reserved for council matters and have not been replaced.

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