Wood Dalling residents urged to support village hall

The Wood Dalling Village Hall committee has urged more villagers to get involved – or face losing the local facility

'This is your village hall and it will be gone forever if it is not fully utilised'

Following last night’s annual general meeting (AGM), the Wood Dalling Village Hall committee is as follows:

  • Chairman – Trevor Hardingham
  • Vice-Chair – Louise Doyle
  • Treasurer – Amanda Rodwell
  • Secretary – Beryl McMaster/Louise Doyle
  • Committee Member – Rory Harold

The committee said: “We would like to thank everyone for their help during 2013 and hope we can continue to build on this during 2014. We are a sprawling village and we rely on help from villagers to make our events successful.”
However, disappointingly, only one member of the general public turned out for the AGM, prompting the committee’s plea for more support from local people.
“This is your village hall and it will be gone forever if it is not fully utilised,” the committee continued. “We desperately need more committee members. It’s not a difficult role; it’s just a simple case of giving up some of your own time to help the village.
“Once again, we would like to thank all the “friends” of the village hall, who continue to make a difference and without whom there probably wouldn’t be any events. However, it would be fantastic if we could see more village residents at our events, as they are organised with you in mind.
“Finally, we would like to thank Ian McIntyre for his time and effort over the past two years on the committee and also to Grania Ward-Brown, who, after several years, has decided to step down from her role as secretary. I don’t think her excellent minute-taking skills will ever be matched.”

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