Reepham Life to move to a digital-only future

The May issue will be the last printed edition of Reepham Life. As publishers, the time commitments required to producing a monthly community newspaper have now proved too onerous, to the detriment of our own publishing business, so we have taken the decision to suspend printing and distributing.

However, local news and events will continue to be published on the website, where we will also be developing opportunities for digital and online advertising. Please email any news for publication.
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Besides the website and online content, Reepham Community Press plans to continue with a number of local publishing projects, including the Reepham Life calendar and a series of special publications of local interest.
Meanwhile, if any residents or community groups are interested in starting up a community newspaper, please do contact us for advice and assistance.
Thanks to all our loyal readers, contributors and correspondents over the years. Particular thanks go to Reepham Town Council for their unfailing support in this project since its inception, and also to Broadland District Council for a generous start-up grant to get things moving.
Colour Print of Norwich have done a sterling job, as have Eastern Leaflets of Dereham, who have delivered Reepham Life in all weathers.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, thanks to all our advertisers and contributors over the past four years, without whom this newspaper could not have been possible.
Geoff Fisher and Judy Holland, Reepham Community Press
What readers said
Very sad to hear that Reepham Life will not be landing on our doorsteps after next month. Thank you for keeping us all so well informed over the past few years and for contributing so much of your time and effort to the greater good. It was a huge undertaking, but you have done it so well and with great finesse. Should anybody volunteer to step into your shoes you will be a very hard act to follow! Jules and Ernie Allen, Rushlight Gallery
Having just been lucky enough to pick up the last copy of Reepham Life, I would like to say “thank you” for the work you have all done over the years. We have been lucky enough to be kept informed through this local paper. I am sure I am not the only one to say it will be greatly missed. Mrs J M Hopper, Chapel Street, Cawston
I was sorry to hear that you have decided to stop the printed edition of Reepham Life. May I personally thank all those involved in an excellent publication over the past four years and more. It certainly got the people of Reepham talking. Barry Barker, Reepham Town Bowls Club
That’s really sad. Reepham Life is a very informative, useful publication that we always enjoy reading. Thank you for all your hard work in producing this over the years. It will be sorely missed. We will have to learn to read things online better! Jenni Egmore and Nick Bowden, The Chimes B&B
Your website is a splendid example of what can be done with an involved community. I shall continue to subscribe and enjoy the doings of one of the finest small towns in the UK. Richard Woods, Halstead, Essex (formerly of Lyng)
Best wishes for your online focus going forward. I trust it helps you access a wider readership. Peter Twigg, North Norfolk Chorale
Really sorry to hear this. I absolutely love reading Reepham Life and having a printed copy. Kirsten Hughes, Broadland District Council
Sorry to hear that Reepham Life is stopping [in print], but thank you for what you have achieved. Moira Dye
Reepham Life will be sadly missed. Martin James, Panther Brewery
I hope your digital future goes well. Michael Crafer, Aylsham Computers
It has been a great asset to the town and will be missed. Ken Ewing
About bloody time, too. Bill Gates

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