Online legal service launched by local solicitor

A Norfolk-based law firm has developed an innovative new way for people to get legal help – within a budget.

David Laws, solicitor - principal of Lawsonline

David Laws Solicitors has created a separate trading arm called Lawsonline, which operates through an interactive website that enables people to obtain legal advice and assistance to the extent they need it (known as an “unbundled” legal service).
The idea is that people can easily summarise their issue via the website (and a brief follow-up questionnaire if the matter is considered suitable for the online service) and a quote is then provided. No charges are incurred unless and until the quote is accepted.
Solicitor and business owner David Laws explained that many people these days prefer to pursue or defend a claim themselves to save on legal costs. However, they still want to know if they have a valid legal claim and to have some guidance on such things as the evidence they will need and on some of the legal practicalities. “That’s exactly what we can provide,” he said.
“In addition, what we’re offering is the ease and convenience of an online service, where each matter is still considered and advised on individually and based on the specific facts of the case – always by myself or an experienced solicitor from the team – and on a managed budget.”
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  • David Laws Solicitors also organises the Reepham Business Network, a small group of professionals who meet informally every fortnight to discuss, advise and share news and information of the local business community.

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