Reepham Nursery School needs its own purpose-built building

Reepham Nursery School, which has been running for more than 20 years, started life in the Methodist church, but has been operating for many years in the pavilion on Stimpson’s Piece. However, both the staff and committee of the nursery have become all too aware that the facilities here are not meeting the demands of a modern nursery.

The facilities at Stimpson’s Piece are not meeting the demands of a modern nursery

At present, we rent the building from Reepham Town Council, but with growing demands made by Ofsted, as well as more flexible, purpose-built nurseries nearby, such as Cawston, Attlebridge, Aylsham and Lyng, it is now clearer than ever that Reepham Nursery School needs its own premises.
The pavilion at Stimpson’s Piece serves a purpose, but is not ideal: it lacks many essential elements, such as adequate storage, a staff office for privacy and office work, a separate eating area, child-specific toilet facilities and a cloakroom.
At present, the time spent unpacking and packing away equipment (more than five hours per week) could be spent planning and improving the childcare we provide; a purpose-built building would allow the staff and children to create an exciting, stimulating environment and, more essentially, be a place to call “our own”.
Although we have done everything to improve the space we currently use, there are limitations with hiring the pavilion, which mean we cannot pursue our potential. Nothing can be left out and, although we do have wall displays, we have to consider other users of the building, such as the football club, keep-fit classes and private users.
The children who attend the nursery are unable to make their mark within the building and make it theirs, and the staff are limited as to the extent of creative education they can provide.
A nursery is such an important part of any community. As Reepham Nursery School also runs a toddler group on a Wednesday morning, it provides not only a stepping stone from babyhood to nursery, but also an essential link in the run-up to school. At the moment, reception class teachers from Reepham Primary School come in during the summer term to meet the prospective pupils, introduce themselves and forge a relationship even before the children start school.
Owing to recent developments within Reepham, such as the new housing proposals, there will be more call than ever to provide the best facilities possible. If there are to be more children in the area we would be keen to be the sole and best provider. If Reepham Nursery School was to relocate we would be able to be much more flexible in the service and hours we already offer.
Fritha Waters, Chairperson, Reepham Nursery School Management Committee

  • Reepham Nursery also offers a Parents and Toddlers group on a Wednesday morning from 9.15 am – 11.15 am, £2.50 per child (includes snack) and 50p per sibling. Children welcome from newborn until nursery age.


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