Bat in the attic now has a name

The Bircham Centre in Reepham’s Market Place has announced the winning name for the brown long-eared bat that occasionally visits the building’s attics.

The winning bat picture by Alfie B. Photo supplied by the Bircham Centre

The flying mammal will now be known as “Atticus”, with the winning entry in a “name that bat” competition suggested by Judith Sweetman.
The name was chosen from the many entries the Bircham Centre received during October – a perfect time for the competition in the run-up to Halloween.
Other suggestions varied from the prosaic (“Bob”, “Bertie”, “Brownie”) to the more sophisticated and complex (“Bairstow”, “Wingston”, “Batty McBat Face”).
Young people under 16 were also invited to create a picture inspired by the Bircham Centre bat.
Members of the community centre’s team selected the winner, which was created by Alfie B, age seven.
Alfie’s picture has the bat reading three fairy tales, two of which are not quite the traditional stories: “Jim and the Beanstalk” and “Red Hiding Hood”.
Both Judith and Alfie will receive a prize for their efforts.
Meanwhile, the Bircham Centre will be celebrating the end of its Raise the Roof project by opening its doors to all supporters at 3.45 pm on Friday 17 November.
Polly Brockis, Bircham Centre manager, said: “We would like to get as many of our supporters as possible together for a group photograph at 3.45 pm outside the centre, then we will be opening the doors to let you rediscover everything that goes on in this wonderful building.
“The photograph will be an important record for the Reepham Archive of the amazing people who have supported us and the re-roofing project.”
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