Lions’ donation helps first responders

The Fakenham Area Community First Responders unit has attended a number of emergency situations in Reepham and the surrounding area.

Photos: Reepham Lions

Reepham Lions have helped them by funding licences for a new phone app that allows rapid communication both from the emergency response controllers to the responder unit and from the responders to the controllers when requesting additional support.
Members of Reepham Lions visited the base at Fakenham and were shown how the new phone app works. They were also able to watch the responder team being trained on the use of new equipment.
Reepham Lions president Brenda Gostling thanked the responder team for the work they do for people in the local area. All the community first responders are volunteers who have been trained to be first on the scene for medical emergencies, providing valuable care in the critical period immediately after the emergency has arisen.
Reepham Lions fundraise during the year to build a fund of money that can be provided to local groups and organisations if and when a need arises. Suggestions for future grants can be sent by email.
Meanwhile, Reepham Lions have agreed to hold another Christmas Tree Festival in the first week of December.
Any business or individual interested in sponsoring a Christmas tree should contact the club by email. Last year’s tree sponsorship slots filled quickly so please make contact as early as possible to secure your place.

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