Cawston Big Weekend ends up with treasure

In 2012, four days of celebrations were held in Cawston for the Jubilee and Olympics; it was so successful that the organising committee decided to put on an event for 2014 – the three-day Cawston Big Weekend, which was held on 13-15 June on the Oakes Memorial Field behind the Village Hall.

Cawston villagers participating in the tug of war at the Cawston Commonwealth Games

On Friday, a music event was held for young people called “Cawston Presents”, where three Norfolk acts performed: Comic Book Ending, Chief Rockas (DJ) and the Piratones.
On Saturday, popular local band Sounds Imperial played to a crowd of more than 300.
The Cawston Commonwealth Games was held on Sunday afternoon. The village was split into four areas – Hobart, Cecil, Agnes and Kett – which dictated which team people participating in the events belonged to.
There was a range of different games such as a hobby horse race and snail racing, as well as classics like the egg and spoon race and tug of war.
Everyone who entered the events received a medal and certificate. It was a successful day with team Agnes (the reigning champions from the 2012 Cawston Olympic Games) winning this year’s trophy.
Adding to the excitement, BBC Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest programme on Sunday 15 June ended the show at Cawston. To get the treasure, presenter Kirsteen Thorne had to complete the hockey relay event, which was part of the Cawston Commonwealth Games.
Laura Bridges

Members of the Cawston Big Weekend committee with Kirsteen Thorne and Ian Forster (centre) from BBC Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest. Left to right: Theresa Carman, Paul Wilkinson, Trudy Wilkinson, Stephen Bridges, Laura Bridges and Jane Bridges

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